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Dog kennels

Here at Villkens Kennels we offer first class care and attention, we view your dogs stay as a holiday for them.

We take any breed and age of dog with any medical condition. We administer all medication and injections free of charge.

We supply clean bedding, laundered daily, individually heated kennels and outdoor exercise pens to ensure they have a comfortable and fun stay.

All of our kennels have an under-cover run attached to the sleeping area, your dog can access this freely 24hrs of the day. 

We also have 11 new VIP kennels with indoor and outdoor runs attached, so your dog is able to run in and out all day as if at home. (there is a small additional charge for the VIP kennels)

All dogs are individually turned out in our outdoor exercise pens twice a day.

We supply a range of wet and dry food and raw meats. If we do not stock the food you feed, you are welcome to bring your own however no discount will be given.

Owners are to supply any other additional non pet foods, treats, medication and supplements that they want their dog to have during their stay. Please make sure you supply enough of these for the duration of your dogs stay with us.

We do not feed dogs on the morning or evening that you are collecting them. This is due to the risk of Bloat/Gastric Torsion.

We, therefore, ask that you feed your dog when you get them home and they are settled. All medication is given by hand in a small piece of meat to ensure that all medication is taken when required. This is for your dogs welfare to ensure they take their medication

Additional One-to-One Exercise

We have 7 acres of grass paddocks, fully fenced and secure so we are able to offer one-to-one playtime with a member of staff in one of our fully fenced and secure grass paddocks. So we can allow your dogs to run free or play ball as they wish, or just have a long walk during their stay with us. We also have a 20m x 40m all weather paddock for playtime too.

additional exercise;
£10 per half hour
£16 per hour
-You can divide the time booked to suit your dog, i.e 1 hour into 4x15min sessions or 3x20min sessions.

Our dog kennels include:

  • Fully insulated kennels with under-floor heating with thermostats for individual heating control.
  • Clean and dry bedding that is laundered daily
  • All dogs given their own individual outdoor exercise pens
  • Twice Daily exercise
  • All dogs brushed daily
  • All dogs are fully insured whilst under our care
  • All wet, dry food and raw meat is supplied
  • We are happy to administer your dogs medication at no extra cost.
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All dogs must be fully vaccinated or carry a VacciCheck Anitbody Titer test. We do accept dogs without the Kennel Cough Vaccination and they are still insured under our veterinary insurance whilst with us.
However if you want your dog to have the Kennel Cough Vaccination, please ensure it is done a minimum of 14 days before coming into kennels.

For dog kennels that are warm, clean and fun, call Villkens Kennels 
01908 372 004

Opening Times

Mon-Sat - 9.00 - 12.30pm and 5.00-6.00pm
Sun - 9.00 - 11.00am and 5.00-6.00pm

Viewings Welcome:
Mon-Sat 9.00am-12.00pm
Sun 9.00-11.00am

Open all year round


  • Miniature dogs: £16.00 per day
  • Small dogs: £19.00 per day
  • Medium dogs: £20.00 per day
  • Large dogs: £22.00 per day
  • Giant breeds of dogs: £24.00 per day
  • VIP Kennels £3.00 extra per day per kennel

All of our prices include VAT, board, food, heating, insurance, bedding and any extras administration of any medication.

The day of arrival and the day of departure is charged for and all days booked must be paid for.

Click here for our full terms and conditions, including cancellation and charging policy, and further information


Telephone: 01908 372 004
Email: info@villiersfarm.co.uk